Selecting/Copying Multiple Triggers at One Time

Virgin user here. I'm creating my first Storyline project. I love this tool and I really like having this community as a resource. I have found answers to several "problems" here already, but can't seem to find a solution for this one. So here goes my first post!

I have a slide with several slide triggers. I want to be able to copy and paste these triggers to another slide. It's tedious copying and pasting one trigger at a time from one slide to the next.  Is there a way to select multiple triggers at once. I tried using the Ctrl key and the Shift key (like I would with most other Windows applications), but I was unable to select more than one.  Is this possible, or do I just have to settle for one at a time? 

Thanks to everyone who has posted in the community. Several of you have helped me tremendously.

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