Self Assessments

Jul 17, 2019

Is there a way to build an assessment in 360 storyline that calculates totals based on answers to questions.  For example, if someone chooses a, they receive 3 points;  if someone chooses b, they receive 4 points...all of the questions would total at the end of the assessment which would result in feedback based on how the person answered the questions.  

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Jerry Beaucaire

I couldn't find a question type with this ability built-in, but all the tools are there for you to do it with the features of SL360 and variables.

You can create  question-style slide manually .  In the INTERACTIVE OBJECTS you can insert a series of radio boxes "answers", and your question in a text box.  You create a variable to track the "score" as the user progresses.

When the user selects one of your radio buttons, make a SUBMIT button appear.

When they click SUBMIT, use triggers to increment the "score" variable based on which radio button is selected, then move on.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


At the end you can show an ending slide that shows one of several layers based on the "score".

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