Send Quiz Results Before Completion

I need a way to send quiz results before the participant has completed the quiz.

We are trying to provide the option to exit the quiz before completing if they know they are not going to pass. The problem we are encountering is that when they exit the quiz before completing, the learning management system marks the quiz as "In Progress" rather than "Finished - Unmastered".  Therefore, Storyline needs to send completed (did not pass) results.

Is there a way to send results mid way through the course (when the participant exits) or is there a way to automatically mark any incomplete questions as incorrect and then send results?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christopher,

Sounds like a interesting set up! I'd suggest looking into custom options to pass a result to the LMS using Javascript or similar as the Storyline options will be based on meeting the completion requirement (results slide or total slides viewed). 

Take a look at some of the Javascript best practices and the ELH community is a great resource for help setting those up! Lots of JS experts and gurus here. 🙂