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Hi, Guys

I created some new content, and most of my users were already set up. When I sent them an invite through Articulate, they haven't been getting a random password with which to sign on.  The first time we used Articulate Storyline with the staff, we had half of the staff getting a random password in their email and some just getting an invite with a link. For those who don't get a random password, I've been telling them to hit "reset password" which gives them a separate email to reset the password and get into my content.

I'm about to send out invites for some new content (to existing and new users), and I suspect I'm going to get 56 emails/phone calls that they didn't know what password to enter. Was there supposed to be one, etc.

I can't seem to find the page/screen that allowed me to choose 'random' password rather than 'assigned'. What am I missing?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deb,

It sounds like you're publishing your course to Articulate Online? The directions here detail how to add users and have a random password sent to them. 

You could also modify the email message to indicate that if they don't see a random password or it doesn't work, to use the "reset password" link - as a kind of fail safe. 

Deb Roberts

thank you Ashley. Yes, I am publishing to Articulate Online.  I have been modifying the email message regarding the 'reset password' option.

I had viewed the tutorial on how to add users with a random password but my issue was that my users are already added in Articulate Online. I just needed to 'invite' them to see the new content I had created. When using email as the invite option, it didn't give me the option regarding passwords that is available when adding a new user. I don't want to delete and re-add the user as I would lose the history of their past quiz results.

I will continue to include a message regarding the 'reset password' option in the event staff do not keeping their passwords from one quiz to the next (the last time they accessed content was 4 months ago).

Thanks again!