Sending Completion Status to LMS

Jun 27, 2014


We are not using a quiz in our Storyline CBTs. Instead, we are using "slides viewed" to trigger a completion status in the LMS. HOWEVER, I am not sure it is working as expected.

If get in and out of the course and use Storyline's "Would you like to resume where you left off?" functionality, does Storyline continue the slide count or start over? (i.e., If I view 5 slides, get out, come back in, and view another 5 slides (all different from the first 5), does Storyline "know" that I have viewed 10 slides?


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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Terry,

It depends on what option a learner chooses upon return from the Resume dialog box (Would you like to resume where you left off?)

If Yes is selected, then the learner will resume from the same page where they left off. Storyline will also remember what other pages have been visited. So the completion will get triggered as soon as the remaining pages are visited. 

If No is selected, then it will be treated as a fresh start and the learners would have to visit all pages again. 

Here is some more information on Storyline Resume behaviour:

I hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions.


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