sending custom statement and verb to learnDash using xAPI

Hello Folks,

I have a situation where I have a slider in my course. When user slides it, I want to send its value and the name of a slider to learnDash using xAPI.

I have already gone through Mel Milloway's video tutorials with no luck.

I am really surprised that Storyline does not have any option to use custom statements for xAPI.

xAPI being the future of the LMS standard they should have custom statements in there feature.

I can achieve this with SCORM 1.2 using the objectives to store and retrieve those values but not in xAPI.

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Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Naku,

There are three parts to your question. 

1. Reading the value of the slider, and passing it to a function that can send the information to an LRS via xAPI. 
2. Actual sending of the data to the LRS using the function explained in 1. 
3. Sending the information to LearnDash?

You would need to first clarify if you are able to achieve #1 above. 

You would also need to clarify what you mean by sending the value of slider to LearnDash. LearnDash in itself doesn't have a mechanism of receiving values of sliders.  I or anyone else would be able to give any suggestion only when he understands what you want here. 

#2 above is something that Mel Milloway's tutorial might be able to help. I also have my own code that could help with this.  

(from GrassBlade)