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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erica! Here is a list of the data that Storyline sends to your Learning Management System.  Can you tell us more about your request for "player tab clicks" data here in this feature request form? We love hearing ways we can make our products work harder for you, and here's what we do with all of the great ideas we receive. 

Tom Coltrain

Hi Alyssa,

We have a resources button/tab that resides on the player (TOC, wrapper, whichever is the correct term). We were curious if there is any way to track how many people are actually using the resources tab?   I think that our LMS is only picking up scored interactions from SCORM.  Do you have any ideas on how we can find out a count of users who are accessing this button?


Matthew Bibby

Hi Tom and Erica,

This isn't really part of the SCORM spec. That being said, it may be possible to get the data you want in a round-about way.

Here are a few options to explore:

  1. Add a trigger to your Resources button that adds 1 to a number variable. Then, pass the value of that variable to your LMS using a hidden quiz question. Then run a report in your LMS to see the number of times it was clicked by each user.
  2. Send some data to a Google Spreadsheet each time the Resources button is clicked. Then you can just count the number of entries in the spreadsheet to get the data that you want.
  3. Use Google Analytics with Storyline and track each click of the Resource button.

Hopefully that helps. Yell out if you have any questions.