Sending multiple results from 1 slide to LMS

Hi everyone!

I have created a course in Storyline360 which will be pre-work for a communication styles class.  Users take the 'assessment' and on the results slide they see a number value listed under each style variable (style variables are B, E, S, T). 

What I would like to do is have the results (each of the 4 variables with their number values) report to our LMS. Is this possible?  If not, I was thinking I could trigger an email to send the data - can't figure that one out either.

Hope someone can help! I'm tired of looking at this project :)

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Sam Hill

Hi Carolyn, this is possible, but it would require a bit of JavaScript in order to write the variables varB, varE, varS and varT to the LMS using a SCORM interaction.

So, in a nutshell, you would need to use the SCORM API to write the data to a cmi.interaction. If you are familiar and comfortable writing JavaScript, there are a number of methods in Storyline that you can call on to write the data to the LMS.

You can then decide if you want a record for each of B,E,S and T or to concatenate those values into a single record that might look like B = 5, E = 10 etc.

I've looked into the possibility of using an existing question type in Storyline to do this to keep it simple, but I don't think it is possible and it does very much look like it is a JavaScript solution.