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Jan 30, 2014

I'm having some issues with a project that looks good on tempshare (which I uploaded) but very bad on my client's server. Wondering if we shared the project incorrectly? I published the file to my hard drive for the web, zipped the folder, then sent that to my client via drop box. 

I'm working on confirming, but I imagine they unzipped the folder, saved it to their server, and then linked to the html file. 

Did we do anything wrong here?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Katie,

Without seeing it, or knowing more about the server, it's difficult to say. 

What exactly looks strange about the content on the server? Is it videos, images, text, etc?

Are you able to share the different links for the project? I'd be happy to take a look and see if I can spot the differences. Maybe after seeing them, I can provide some suggestions that may improve it. 

One quick suggestion - make sure you've confirmed they're uploading all of the project files that were published. If they don't upload all of the files, it may not run at all or it may cause problems when loading. 


Katie Venit


Mostly it's that the graphics (which were originally .wmf files) are badly degraded (to the point of unusability) on the client's server, whereas they look very sharp on tempshare. 

I can't share it at the moment, since the client took it off their server temporarily until we solve the other problems I mentioned in the other thread.

Katie Venit

Client said they uploaded it as they have always uploaded Articulate modules. Unzipped, loaded all the files onto the server, linked to the story.html file. Could there have been some degradation when I shared it via Dropbox? Could that have caused the other problems I'm experiencing? 

Sorry for the anxious posts, this project will be viewed by over 100,000 people and we're launching really soon, so I have a lot riding on this. Thanks for any help!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Katie,

It could be the problem - have you tried using another method to share the files with them? I'm curious if they were corrupted, or if something got left out when it was shared that way. 

Are you able to email the zipped file to them, or is the file too large for that? 

If you'd like to send me the Dropbox link via a private message, you're certainly welcome to. I totally understand needing to keep the file private, but I'd be happy to test it for you on my end.


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