Sending Results for Two or More Independent Totals to the same Results Slide

Jul 10, 2017

Hi, all!


I'm building a development self-assessment that has 6 competencies with 5 MC questions each. I am trying to get the Results set up to send to one slide with two layers. On one layer will be the independent totals for 3 of the competencies, and on another, the other 3. Each total then triggers one of 3 messages based on the point total. There are no right/wrong answers; this is just a self-rating.

What I'm having trouble with is setting the variable for the rest of the totals after the first one so that I get the other 5 totals. Right now, its still adding all of the questions up into the 2nd competency, since that's all I built out. In SL, there are only two Results.ScorePoints variables, and it won't let me create more to = the custom total variables. 

Anyone done anything like this? I've read many of your posts, and can't find one that doesn't try to total across all of the groupings. Thanks!


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Sue Meismer

Thanks, Mr. C,

The article was all stuff I did. So, if I'm understanding what you are saying, I would need to first create 6 different results slides? Then send those result slides to a Master Results slide, but choose not to combine scores? How can I do that without causing the course to end after it goes to the individual results slide? Would I need to hide those slides when the timeline starts? Thanks again!

Crystal Horn

Hey Sue!   Just a heads up since you mentioned that it's proprietary - your email replies are posted to the discussion.  Attachments sent with your email reply, however, do not actually attach to the post.

If you're able to share the file publicly, you'll need to use the Add Attachment button in a discussion post.  Thanks!

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