Sending Test Results from a Google Form Embedded in Storyline?


We have created a test in Storyline that we want to assign to users who do not have access to our LMS. We just want to put the test on a website and provide them with the link. However, we need a record of who took the test and what their results were. We toyed with the idea of using some javascript to create an automated email. However, these specific learners will be taking the test on iPads, so we didn't think javascript was a good solution.

We would like to just include a Google Form that learners can fill out after then finish writing the test. Is it possible to add a variable that auto-populates the score field in an embedded Google Form?

Another possibly unrelated question, can we just put an eLearning course on a website like any other content? We are new to this, since we generally use our LMS.


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Louise Falcon

Hi Lindsay,

It is understandable that not everyone has an access to your LMS. Great news! Your Articulate course can also be embedded into your website through an iframe.

Before adding the iframe HTML tag, let's solve the solve your test/quiz reporting first.

Ideally, the LMS should be doing the quiz tracking for you but assuming that these learners will access the course from your website, you can have them manually fill out a web object like your Google Form document. In the form, don't forget specific fields like full name and score.

Here's how you can embed your Google Form:

  1. In your last slide, from the Insert tab on the ribbon, click Web Object.
  2. Type the URL of your Google Form in the Address field.
  3. Try if the URL works, click Test Link to launch the Google Form and check if it is the way you expect it.
  4. Choose either Display in slide or Display in a new browser window.
  5. Make sure to click Load web object automatically so the Google Form will load without any interaction from learners.

Now, once you have published the course for web distribution.

Follow these steps so you can add an iFrame HTML tag to embed the full course to your website.

Should you need further assistance, just post a reply to this thread or send me an email.




Lindsay Colahan


Is there anyway to automatically populate the score field? We are dealing with learners who may not be comfortable with technology and struggle with some basic stuff. We want to make this very easy for them.

If not, would it be possible to embed two forms: one for passing students to see and another for failing?


Crystal Horn

Hi Lindsay!  I'm looking forward to see how other designers in the community tackle this idea.  Here's a conversation from an older discussion thread - you can reach out to those community members or post a question right in the replies!

In the meantime, if you're including a results slide after your quiz, your learners will see a success layer (passing) and a failure layer.  You could embed the relevant form on each layer so that learners see the form they need as soon as they get their results!