sending the passing score to an LMS

Sep 04, 2014

Hello all,

We have sent a partner one of our SCORM 2004 courses that has a passing score set (80%) in ASL.

We are using a results slide for completion.

When the partner loads the module onto their LMS platform the course runs fine but it won't complete. Their tech support says it is because the passing score is not being communicated in the manifest.

They are looking for the following:



<imsss:primaryObjective objectiveID="PRIMARYOBJ" satisfiedByMeasure="true">





and that doesn't seem to be in our manifests.

How do we get this to be passed on?

thanks for the assist in advance!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Ryan and welcome to Heroes.

You may want to look at the information about troubleshooting LMS issues with reporting and tracking here.

Also, if you want to see the data that Storyline is sending to your LMS you can turn off the debug mode as described here.

You can also test in the SCORM Cloud to see if it just an issue with your LMS. This is the industry standard for testing content and is a free option.

If you need anything further, let us know!

Ryan Rodrigues

Hi Emily - thanks for the quick response. I uploaded to the SCORM Cloud and got the following:

Completion: Complete

Score: 100%

Success: Failed

Which is confusing because the passing score is set to 80% on the course.

I turned on debugging and have attached the debug file.

Does that help ID why it's not showing success?

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