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Jul 02, 2017

Hi there,

Does anyone have a solution to make the Sequence drag and drop look a bit better? I tried using a freeform drag and drop but if you're trying to sequence a list, and you only allow one item in the drop target, the existing one disappears. The sequence option doesn't look great and formatting options are really limited... All suggestions welcome!


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Leonard Puglia

Hi Pia,

Without knowing too much about your project, it's hard to gauge whether my option will work for you. 

I'm was recently experiencing a similar problem. I have 12 statements that the learner needs to sort into one of two categories: ("Can do" or "Cannot do"). These 12 statements appear one at a time, with the next statement appearing in sequence once the learner gets the feedback from the previous statement. I don't have a submit button; rather the feedback layer appears when the learner drops each statement into one of the options.

The cleanest way I could create this sequence was to have these 12 statements appear on 12 different slides that look exactly the same. The learner will never know this interaction runs over 12 slides.

While it's not great from a development standpoint, there were some distinct benefits of this approach. I found it easy to manage and editing was actually easier after a review from my subject matter expert (I had to change some wording on two of the feedback layers). I'm even toying with the idea of setting a timer for each statement, which is easy to manage when each statement is on it's own slide.

I hope this post was helpful. The great thing about Storyline is there are so many ways to create a similar effect or interaction.


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