Sequence Drag and Drop - Layering Issue

Jul 03, 2012

Hi everyone,

I've been familiarizing myself with Storyline over the past month. I created a 30 minute course for our staff and the feedback has been great! Everyone loves the interactivity!

When I created my course, I used many of the quizzing options such as the Sequence Drag and Drop. However this quizzing question has got me scratching my head. Here's the deal:

My question asks the user to put the items in order. If they get it right, the "Correct" layer will appear and you don't see the base layer (base layer set to hide in the options). If they get it wrong, they are asked to try again with the base layer visible.

When I preview or publish it, the items on the base layer will still show when they are placed in the correct order. The title won't show or any other items on the page. Only the items part of the Drag and Drop will show.

I've created a very basic slide to demonstrate what I mean. So it's recreating from scratch and I still get the same issue. I also tried copy pasting my slide to see if it would eliminate the problem and it hasn't. I would have loved to put up the real slide itself but not sure I can share the information due to privacy issues.

As I said, this only occured with the Sequence Drag and Drop, hasn't happened with any other quizzing questions that I used (i.e. T/F, multiple choice, matching drop down). In essence, my template is set up so that if they get it right, they won't see the base layer, if they get it wrong, they will have it in the background.

My course is still published and available to the users, but that little detail is bothering me Thanks for shedding some light on this!

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Greg Hagar

I think I have a similar problem. 

The base layer is set to be a drag and drop interaction. 

I have another layer called "instructions" which  displayed on top of this and is set to show when the timeline starts. In this layer  I've set the 'hide base layer' option in the properties. When the user is ready to start the interaction, they click a button to hide the instructions layer and begin the game. 

Once the "instructions layer" is hidden and the base layer becomes visible, only the text-boxes and targets are visible on the base layer. None of the "draggable" objects appear! 

When I disable the "hide base layer" option in the "instructions layer" the drag and drop works as expected.

Any ideas?

Kevin Thorn

Hi Brigitte,

I looked at your file and noticed it's a freeform drag and drop interaction and not a "sequence" drag and drop. The sequence drag and drop is a template and not one available as a freeform (currently). 

Meaning, your file behaves as expected as a simple 'many-to-one' drag and drop interaction. As a freeform with custom images, there's an additional level of development needed in order to evaluate the correct order of the sequence. This can probably be done with object states, but may need a bit of variable programming. Either case, it can be done...just not 'out of the box freeform'.

Hope I understood correctly.

Kevin Thorn

Hi Rajesh,

Your logic is correct and you didn't go wrong anywhere. I believe what you're running into is how the feedback masters slides work within an interaction. Your modification uses the "blank" feedback master which is fine, however the feedback layers are still a layer. Meaning, they will show overlay on top of the base layer (slide). If you hide objects on the base layer, you will hide the interaction object as well. 

Not sure if this suits your design, but I made edits to the actual feedback layers that will allow the feedback text masters to appear off to the right of the main interaction title.

Leveraging the master slides prevents having to fiddle with all the slide/layer properties. Keep in mind, interaction feedback layers behave the same as any other layer - yet with their own set of master slides.

Update attached and hope this helps.  

p.s. I added numbers to the drag items so I could test. Otherwise I would fail this question every time. :)

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