Sequence drag and drop quiz -- change states to give hints?

Hi, everyone.

Is there a way to get items in the list to show another color (or have a checkmark displayed next to them) when they are in the correct position? (example below)

What I'd like to see is that once all of the drops are put in the right order (and now a different color, or checkmarked), the learner can click the submit button and go on, rather than having to click 'submit' and then try again.

I've looked into changing states, but that doesn't seem possible. Perhaps there is another approach that would work.

I can't see this question answered anywhere. Barbara H asked the question here, but the suggested thread was going in a different direction:

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allan,

I wanted to point you to another thread here, with an answer from Rebecca and an example she used. 

Another example from Antony is here. 

And lastly, this one talks specifically about sequence drag and drop - but it seems like you'd need to create it as a freeform, instead of the built in quiz type.