Sequence Drag & Drop Questions Can Be Skipped in Quiz in Storyline 360

I am building quizzes in Storyline 360.  I have discovered that when taking the quiz, learners can submit Sequence Drag & Drop questions without answering them.  Storyline simply marks them as incorrect.  All other graded questions result in the "You must complete the question before submitting" message.

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Judy Nollet

You're correct, Jacqueline. Here's the reason behind that programming:

Sequence Drag & Drop questions randomize the initial sequence. That means it's possible the user will be presented with the correct sequence. In such a case, they wouldn't have to drag anything. Yet they'd still need to be able to Submit that answer. 

It's impossible for Storyline to determine whether someone is not dragging anything because they believe the order is already correct or if they just aren't paying attention. So they're allowed to proceed in both cases. 

I assume it would be possible for Articulate to program a Sequence Drag and Drop so it never presents items in the correct order. My guess is that they didn't do that because it'd be a lot of extra programming for a miniscule benefit.  

The way I see it (and perhaps the way Articulate saw it), if the user doesn't take the time to check the order and drag items as needed, they deserve to have the question marked as incorrect.