Sequence Drop-down Quiz


I want to ask how can I removed the correct answer text at the post review for the sequence drop-down quiz? I want to make a custom correct and incorrect answer for the options. Plus, due to my option is quite long (sometimes would be more than 3 lines of text), so space restricts there.

Attached is the dummy example file. 


Thanks and regards,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emalyn,

If you go to your Results slide and access the "Edit Results slide" box in the top right hand corner you'll see a new window appear. On that window, there is an options tab - and from there you will want to uncheck "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing. "  That will remove/disable the information you're seeing in that red box. 

Attached is your .story file with that change made so you can see how it'll display.