Sequence of triggers

Hi there, I'm working on a course with a lot of text and slides. Each slide should be read by the learner before they can continue. So I added the slide trigger "Jump to next slide when timeline ends". Still, if some users are not reading as quickly as the timeline is set, they cannot finish the reading. Of course they can go back, but then the timeline starts again in full...

I don't want to use the player or slide trigger "jump to next slide when user clicks", as then most of the users then  simply click through all slides and complete the course without really reading the content.

Is there a way to combine both triggers, so first let the timeline end, and only then the user can to click to continue?

This would ensure that users spend at least X seconds on the slide, before they can continue by clicking.

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David Schwartz

Hi Julia,

You can do this through use of the Restricted function of the menu, even if you are not using the menu. From the Player button, go to Menu, and then choose the gear icon at the bottom, then choose Restricted for the menu. The effect is that the Next button will be disabled until the end of the timeline for all slides.