Sequencing of objects on a home screen

Hi all,

I am working on a module and i am facing a problem. 

I have created a slide(home screen), which has three clickable objects that take you to the respective slides connected to them. It has a conditional next button which works only when all the objects are visited. All that is working fine.

My problem is to make the user click on the objects present in the home screen only in one sequence for example A-B-C. Is it possible to restrict their navigation on one screen?

Please refer the attachment. In the attachment, the sequence can only be Airway-Breathing-compression. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Vivek

set buttons B and C to disabled when timeline starts which forces them to start with A.  Then trigger change state of B to normal when timeline starts on home screen slide on condition that A = visited.  Then trigger change state of C to normal when timeline starts on home screen on condition that A and B are visited.  If that doesn't work you could use a T/F variable for each of the buttons.

Let me know if you need more help.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Vivek

I've changed the initial states in the states tab for B and C to disabled and then used triggers on the layers to change them to normal

I also created a variable 'menu_visits' so that you could stop the audio replaying (not sure if you wanted that - each time they revisit.

I also set the slide properties to 'resume saved state'

See if this works how you want it to.

Wendy Farmer

Glad to hear it Vivek.

If you go into the Player > Menu option in the bottom right hand corner is an icon 'reset from story' - click that and it will replace the menu as you see it with all the slides in your storyfile. Here is the tutorial that shows you how to manage the menu.


vivek sinha

It worked! Thanks again Wendy.

My module is almost ready except one last problem. Remember the slide that I shared with you. I was doing a self-review and I found that once the third video starts when you click on the third image, you can skip it by clicking the Next button. 

I have tried disabling and enabling the next button but I think because of the variable created for conditional next button, it's not working.

vivek sinha

Hi Wendy

I am sharing the slide. Its the same slide that i shared last time. I have added one empty slide to it.

In the first slide the videos for airway and breathing run top their full length and then the screen goes back to main screen. The Next button doesnt work till these two videos. When you run the third video i.e. for compression, try clicking Next after few seconds it takes you to the next slide without completion of the video.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Vivek

I've added 3 T/F variables that are triggered on each layer and used these variables to drive the next button. Ive put the variable references on the main screen so you can see them triggering to 'true'.

Your first trigger was changing the picture states to visited but they didn't have a visited state.

Also, on the layers where you had jump back to main slide when timeline reaches xx secs...on one of the videos it was jumping back before the video finished. I changed it to jump to the slide when media completes so that the video finishes before it jumps back.  You could change this trigger to hide layer when media completes if you wanted to.

I would put a transparent shape over each video if you don't want the user to be able to click the video on and off.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Vivek!

I took a look at the file that Wendy shared with you as I assumed that is what you are referring to. 

Looks like the Next button will only work, when A_Comp, B_Comp, and C_Comp are True.

A_Comp, for instance, changes from False (how it was initially set) to True when the media completes on Slide Layer A - Airway.

So, the user must fully watch the media before the variable adjusts because it is set to when media completes on Video 1, which is on your timeline.

Does that help?

vivek sinha

Hi Leslie,

I think somehow I forgot about one of the queries that I raised earlier.

Someone told me that I can easily skip your content by letting it run in one tab and work on another tab OR minimize the tab showing the module and do my work simultaneously. Is there someway to make sure that a user is not able to move away from the screen(showing the module)?

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Vivek.  There is no way that you could disable a user's ability to open another tab (and work on something simultaneously).  You can opt to have the slide advance by user, forcing them to make the course progress.

Without disrupting your entire course, I wanted to drop a couple of resources in here from tips we've picked up along the way.  You could ensure participation (therefore, attention) in that course by including more interactivity, restricting progress until the user has completed certain tasks.  Also, a couple of great articles about course length:

I hope these provide some ideas for you!