Sequential Order for States

Aug 09, 2017


I'm working on a safety module, and have four tabs (they are actually chevrons) that I want the learner to click on.  Because I want them to click on the tabs in sequential order, I have created disabled states for each of the tabs.   When the timeline starts, Tab 1 starts in normal state, but tabs 2, 3, and 4 are in disabled state.  

I have triggers set as follows: 

  1. When user clicks Tab 1, change the state of Tab 1 to visited, and change the state of Tab 2 to normal.  Jump to Slide for Tab 1.  
  2. When user clicks Tab 2, change the state of Tab 2 to visited, change the state of Tab 3 to normal.  Jump to slide for Tab 2.  
  3. When user clicks Tab 3, change the state of Tab 3 to visited, change the state of Tab 4 to normal.  Jump to slide for Tab 3.  
  4. When user clicks Tab 4, change the state of Tab 4 to visited.  Jump to slide for Tab 4.  

Everything works fine when I preview the slide (with the exception of the links to the other slides).  

However, when I preview the entire project, my tabs do not work.  

I've set the slide to automatically decide the state, and returned to saved state, and nothing works.

What am I doing wrong?  Or, am I trying to do something that can't be done with Storyline 2? 

Thanks in advance for your input!  

- Victor 

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Len Hack

Hi Victor,

That's a nice template you've set up. It looks like its all in the order of your triggers for each chevron. Make sure you move the 'Change state' triggers above the 'Jump to' triggers.

If you have the jump to trigger first then the change triggers don't get actioned.

Also make sure you have the slide set to 'Resume saved state' or it will reset each time.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.


Brooke Schepker

Hi, Victor!  It looks like Len got you squared away, but I wanted to send a link to our blog about trigger order in case it helps:

I also noticed that you've used a trigger to change the state of each chevron to Visited when clicked...this is actually a built-in state that is triggered automatically, so no need to trigger it to happen. When the learner clicks the chevron, it will automatically show the Visited state.  No harm having it there, but it can make for a cleaner trigger panel...especially if you have lots of triggers.

Happy Articulating! :)

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