Sequential Ordering

I'm looking for a little guidance if possible.

I'm having some issues finding documentation around sequential ordering.

Here's the scenario: 

A learner can choose a series of five videos (viewed in any order).

After each video is an associated practice quiz (a learner can retake numerous times).

Only after all the five videos are watched will a learner have access to take a 'final exam'.  

QUESTION: how can you set up the final exam to be locked? 

QUESTION: how can I set up sequential ordering to let a user access a practice quiz only after the video has been fully viewed? 

Any help or advice is much appreciated. 

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Michael Hinze

Question #1: See this example here. Only after all eight videos have been viewed, a message is displayed and then you can continue to additional content (this could be your final exam). I am using the Visisted state of all eight video thumbnails to determine when to advance (there are lots of other ways to do this, it very much depends on your content).

Question #2: For each video,  you could use a va ribale to determine if a video has been viewed all the way to the end. Then, add a condition to the trigger on the Next button to only advance to the practice exam if this variable is True. Again, there are lots of variations on this theme, depending on your specific setup and content.

Elmore Holland


I thank you for taking the time to respond to my thread. Your guidance is much appreciated. 

When initially setting up the project, would you recommend setting up a different scene in Storyline for each video + quiz? 


Slide 1.1

Quiz 1.1

Slide 2.1

Quiz 2.1

Slide 3.1

Quiz 3.1

Slide 4.1

Quiz 4.1

Slide 5.1

Quiz 5.1

Would the course menu/ introduction actually be slide 1.1? 

Would the final exam be an additional 'scene'? 

Or am I mistaken in my meager attempt to lay the foundation? 

Michael Hinze

It's perfectly fine to use that kind of structure. The intro/main menu could be the first slide in your starting scene. So, I guess then your first video slide would be 1.2 and the first quiz would be 1.3. But you could also make the intro/main menu its own scene and leave your structure intact. And yes, following this approach the final exam would be a separate scene as well.

Elmore Holland

@Leslie - Michael is indeed providing great assistance. 

Would each quiz/exam question require their own slide? (into slide 1.1 ==> video slide 1.2 ==> quiz slide 1.3 ==> quiz slide 1.4 ==> quiz slide 1.5 ==> etc.)  

On another note for the video slides would you advise uploading them into a blank slide and formatting to encompass the whole slide? 

Thanks again coach! 

Michael Hinze

Yes, each quix question is its own slide (unless you create custom questions, e.g. with 10 True/False questions on one slide).

Not sure what you mean by the second question. Technically, there is no difference between inserting a video on a blank slide and inserting a video and then resizing it to the slide's dimensions.

Elmore Holland

Three Questions:

1) See the attachment. After the learner has watched all 5 videos they will be directed back to this screen where they now can take the final exam. Do you think that 'visited state' is the best route? 

2) After a learner has completed a module (watched the video) can that aesthetically be reflected on the menu screen (attachment)?

3) What is the easiest way to setup pop up notifications within the video and course menu slides? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elmore! 

If I'm understanding correctly, one and two are related and visited state should work.

I'm not sure what you mean by pop up notifications. You can utilize the timeline to have items appear when you wish during the course of a slide if that's what you are asking.

These questions are really more design related, so I'll defer to the community for further assistance and suggestions.