Sequentially reveal layers by clicking NEXT

Bear with me if this has already been answered somewhere in the thousands of questions about the NEXT button.

I have a slide with 10 layers: Layer1 [the base]; Layer2; Layer3 ... Layer10.

I want to use the NEXT button to sequentially reveal the next layer in the series each time the user clicks it, and jump to the next slide from Layer10.

I've tried setting a trigger on each layer, doesn't work. I know I could use 10 slides (strikes me as inefficient)

I know I could hide the NEXT button and set a button on each layer to reveal the next, but that seems inelegant.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sanju!

This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure if the users here are still subscribed.

Sounds like you will have to program your Prev button as you did the Next button to perform for your custom set up. Perhaps slides vs layers would be best :) 

Not sure if anyone in the community has set something similar up and would be able to chime in and assist with your design.