Series of steps in Storyline is there an easy way like Articulate

Oct 28, 2012

Please help,

Is there an easy way to make a series of steps to click like 1 through 7 that all display different content above with videos.  

I'm converting a project from scratch, but using an Articulate 09 project as my goal to look like, and 09 has easy steps interactions, does Storyline have a way anyone would do this?

Is there templates for steps interactions?


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Bruce Graham

Hi Kyle,

I would achieve this by inserting a new slide > Templates > Top Interactions > Process, as in image below.

The "Steps" interaction does not exist per se, however, you could always build one with a steps image, and hotspots on the steps that jump to Slides, Scenes, Layers or Lightboxes via triggers.

Hope that helps.


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