Serious Javascript confusion and other problems


I have been playing with Javascript. I have used successfully variations on the same script countless times in testing. I use Firefox, but the problem reported also occurs in Chrome. All my browsers and Flash are up to date.

Suddenly, out of the blue the script stopped working after I changed the folder in which I was saving it - and I also added a variable assignment. I now get the following error message (as I said after countless successful local tests): "The custom JavaScript feature on this slide has been disabled while viewing locally because your browser does not support it."

Help... I am still testing whether or not to use articulate.

I have also had some other problems: sometimes when "publishing", the system does not go to the blue publishing bar and I just get the revolving circle for ever. I have to kill the process and re-start it.

Finally, again with JS, yesterday I encountered a really strange problem. I updated javascript but it kept running the OLD version of the javascript. It did not matter how often I updated the script or how many times I removed the output files, the same thing kept happening.

If this continues, Articulate becomes unusable, especially when I have little control over the <Enter> key which seems to remain active no matter what I do.

Sorry for this long post.


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Andrew,

Never test JS enabled courses locally unless you have a web server (like XAMPP) running in the background.

You should:
a) Either move the published output to a private webspace (such as a temp folder on your website/dropbox etc.), OR
b) Setup a local webserver such as XAMPP , move the output to htdocs, and then go to via any web browser to test.

Hope this helps,