Serious problem with numbered lists

Hi all,

I'm having massive problems with numbered lists, and I really can't get away with not using them, but the functionality I'm ending up with is forcing that issue.

When I do a numbered list the text goes on several lines, and all of the preceding lines have no indenting so they go straight under the number. I then tried tabbing all of the lines to align with each other. This does fix this but then results in massive gaps between words in random locations (I have text left-aligned not justified). Yet bullets work perfectly.

I've tried entering them manually with no luck. Tried copying from a website, copying the website to Word and then transferring that to Articulate, and converting the Word file to text-only and still no change.

Any advice on why numbered lists are working differently from bullet lists? And what I can do to fix this?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

I'm not seeing any particular issues with numbered lists while in Storyline - and I entered them manually and copied from a word document. Both times, the lines were correctly lined up with the previous line, and the numbers were lined up correctly too. Using the increase or decrease indent allowed for all the numbered items to increase/decrease - not the individual lines themselves. 

Since this just seems to be occurring for you in regards to the numbered lists but not bullets, I'd first check that you were working with local project files as working off a network or USB drive could cause unusual behavior.  Next, if this behavior is consistent across multiple files, it may also be worth conducting a repair of Storyline as detailed here. 

I'm also happy to take a look at a particular file, and see if the behavior appears when viewed on my end.