Serious Quiz issues

I have a course that has three quizzes in it. The first two work just fine in that if a user selects the incorrect answer they receive feedback, if they select the correct answer they also get some feedback and they are moved on to the next question. The first two quizzes contain 3 questions each. The final quiz consists of the 13 questions but on this one if the user selects the incorrect response nothing happens. I've tried comparing quiz properties and I cannot find anything that would account for this problem. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I've added the file for anyone to take a look at if necessary.


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Annie Jean

Hi Jesse,

I have taken a look at your project and as I can see, you have "unlimited" attempts selected but no "Try again" layer.

Usually, when the answer is wrong this layer would show up  but it is not existing.

I have changed a few questions to "1 attempt" and it works as expected.

It doesn't change anything to the fact that you can still allow the learner to retry the quiz.

Hope it helps and don't hesitate to post back if you have any further question.