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Aug 14, 2019


I am working with Moodle (scorm package zipp file) as LMS for my Storyline 3 courses. Normally it works fine. I have fine tuned my course and the old version is doing well in moodle. But this week I got a problem. Trying to upload my scorm package gave the error not connected to server as a zipp file. Nothing changed in Moodle, but impossible, new course in Moodle started, upload same zipp file, same problem: server not connected. So I don't know what causes the problem, either my storyline course or Moodle or my internet connection. Anyone here the same problem? 

I have tried to look for the file, but it is still the same way zipp file. I have ooked for the storage limit, but it is not too big. Unfortunately it is too big for uploading to the scorm cloud, 20 Mb? But maybe something else, the compressing way. Anyhow this wouldn't work out either.

How can I check if my file will function and doesn' t cause the connection problem to the server?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Patricia. Sorry you're seeing that happen this week!

While I don't have much experience with Moodle, I'm happy to rule out any issues on Storyline's end that could be causing that error.

I have seen a similar report mentioned in this discussion. It could be related to the size of the file being uploaded, but I would connect with Moodle's team for their insight!

With your permission, we can also help test the troublesome file. You can share it publicly here, or send it to us privately by using this upload link. We'll delete it after troubleshooting!

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