Set a variable when questions asnwered!

Jun 20, 2012

I want to simply set a variable to true or false if the user passes/fails a question. Is this possible in Storyline ?

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vinayak kadam

Thanks a lot Bruce for looking into my requirement!

I have tis variable which I want to set true if user answers correctly and false if answers incorrectly. so while I adjust my variable I need to know from some condition if the user has answered right or wrong which I am not able to make out....Will let you know if I get some other way out

Bruce Graham

Perhaps I do not understand, however...

If you are using Quiz Questions, then when you create it, you will select the Correct and Incorrect answers when you make the quiz.

This will generate the Feedback layers, and you can then use those to generate the Triggers.

Sorry if I have misinterpreted your question.

It may be easier to post a .story file?


vinayak kadam

Hey thanks Bruce and Phil...I just understood what you guys were pointing at.....Earlier I thought there is just one instance of continue button applicable to both feedbacks...but now I get it and will implement it....

Thanks for your valuable support guys!

Just FYI....I have a course with 10 pre-assessment questions, 6 content topics with 5 pages each and then 10 post-assessment questions. If the user answers 1st and 2nd question correctly in pre-assessment  then he is not shown with the 1st topic content and so on. If he answers all the 10 questions correctly he will be directly shown with teh 6th topic followed by assessment.

Lot of work to do....need your blessings

As ever,


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