Set focus on Text Entry after Layer loses focus

I am searching for a way to set Text Entry to have focus after another layer has lost focus in a QuizBank in Storyline2. We have tried changing the order of the text entry on the timeline and looking for triggers that would work, but are not having any luck.  In previous threads, people have been able to change order on the timeline but it does not seem to involve another layer being presented first. I believe this is where the problem is located. 

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Virginia

have you tried using an offstage object to control? I have a flashing next button layer that I use in projects.

On our getting started screen the user enters their name - when they click into that text box, the offstage object changes to visited state.  I can then trigger the flashing next layer to display when the state of offstage is visited.

Hope I have understood your question.

Virginia Driscoll

Hi Wendy and Christie,

The easiest way we found was to move the Text Entry box to the bottom most position and then offset its start by a fraction of a second. We had one where it wasn't initializing with the text box and noticed it was flush with the start of the timeline while the others were not.