Set/Get Variables from a flash web-object

Aug 12, 2016


I have seen a multitude of threads on the forum regarding pushing and pulling variables between various types of web objects and Storyline, however I have been unable to find any answers for my exact usage scenario.

Using this tutorial, I successfully pushed variables between an embedded .swf and the player, but when I attempt to link the same .swf as a web object (from my web server), the functionality ceases to work?

As my company will be making frequent edits to the .swf, it is simply impractical for us to go the route of an embeded flash file, as we will have to update and republish all of our courses each and every time edits are made to the .swf.

SO.. My question is; Is it possible to achieve the same functionality from a flash based web object, instead of an embedded file?

I had assumed that this will likely involve some JavaScript, and have already attempted the brilliant Steve Flowers's snippet of code from this discussion, but it doesn't seem to be working for me.

Can any of you scripting wizards out there help me?



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Chris Leversha

Hey again,

Thanks for the example - it has helped me greatly.

It seems the problem i was having was due to my testing environment. I have found that when I test the files locally, everything works as it should, however when I upload the files to my server, the files no longer communicate? Very bizarre..

For the record, I am pointing the webObject to the absolute URL of my .swf on my server.

Any idea what could be causing the break?

Thanks again!

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