Set Number of Questions

I'm working on setting up some quizzes in a storyline 360 course. 

I currently have a Question Bank with 12 questions and am working through the formatting and setting up for the 10 question option. I have it set to pick 10 questions but when I do this and then continue through the preview, it just gets stuck on the 10th question instead of moving to the results page. 

I haven't been able to find out how to get the quiz to move on from the questions and go to the results page, other than adding in a quiz timer - which I would rather not use. 

I have a results page set up and it worked before I set up the Question bank, so I'm not sure what changed. Any suggestions? 

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Melissa Hannam

I think I figured it out! I had set up four options for quiz takers, each option with a different amount of questions to be asked. Then I wound up setting up four different results slide, one for each option and set the results slide to show up after a certain number of slides had played (10, 25, 50, and 100).

Thank you for the replies though (I would have posted sooner, but didn't realize anyone had replied!)