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Adam Zamczyk

I dont think this is a bug,

  • remove the trigger: Set to hidden
  • on the rectangle states - set Hidden as the default.

all will work as expected.


Or just change trigger: Set to hidden when timeline of the slide starts.


You trigger is set to the object timeline, hence when it's hidden it wont work. 
when you assign the trigger to timeline of the slide, it will work.

Walt Hamilton

If a hidden object becomes unhidden, that process starts its timeline. Your trigger essentially says "Hide this object every time it becomes visible".  When the timeline of your rectangle starts, you have created a trigger to hide it. It changes to Normal state at 2 sec of the slide timeline, which causes it to change to Hidden state, all of which happens too fast to be seen.

Adam is correct, but his ideas are best practice, not work arounds.

Adam Zamczyk

as I explained, if you change the trigger (change rectangle to hidden) to the slide timeline, all works. It's not a workaround, it's just how storyline works.


there is a difference between things actioned /triggered on the slide timeline, or object timeline (think about this as if when the object is hidden his timeline does not exist).  

Robert Rathgeber

Thanks for the information. I didn't know object timelines are reset after being hidden. I did a test to see how that works by adding a hide and unhide trigger at the end of an object's timeline. I expected a loop but it doesn't seem to hit the 'end of timeline' trigger the 2nd time around. -- I had fade in and fade out animations, fade in happens twice, fade out happens once --

Adam, the reason the slide timeline wasn't going to work was because the object needs to exist at the start of the slide timeline, which was the case in my original project.