'Set Poster Frame' option not available

May 19, 2017


Building a course that is mostly videos. I played around with having a poster frame a few days ago but then went for auto play. Now however, because of the way I have the triggers working for the reporting of results I need to trigger the video. Which means I want to set a Poster Frame for the video. But when I right click the option isn't there... any ideas?

Set post frame... where are you

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Andy Engelkemier

No poster frame from video option? PowerPoint has that, as does Adobe Acrobat. 

In case you haven't done that before. Move the video timeline to where you want the poster frame. Then just choose "poster frame > From current frame" 

That's how youtube works as well I think. I can't quite remember. But that's definitely the easiest option for the user. Right now i have to open the video up, save a frame, then say from image file, find that, and repeat for most of the videos. It seems rare that you put in a video where its poster frame is some sort of representation of the video from frame one. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

I could see how that may be confusing, to navigate to an image from your computer vs. just finding that point in the video but with this set up you could also start it with an image that's not in the video such as a title image or similar. 

I'd also encourage you to submit a Feature request  about this! Sounds like a neat idea to be able to draw directly from the video too. 

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