Set so user cannot advance until video/audio finishes playing?

Hi!  I am trying to set the trigger (Next button) so that it only becomes available after the audio or video on the slide finishes playing, so people can't just click through all the slides without hearing the content.  I tried to set the trigger to "after media plays" but ot didn't work.  Ideas?

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Peter Anderson

Hi again, Terra

You can prevent users from advancing too quickly by disabling the built-in Next button until they've met certain conditions, such as clicking all the buttons on the slide or listening to all the narration. Another option is to remove the built-in Next button and create your own custom button for navigation. Or, you can restrict navigation for your entire course by making a simple change to your player settings. 

Please review the following article for more information on each of these methods:

Terra Buckley

The video outlining the steps for making this change to the entire program was extremely helpful, thank you!  I found, however, that this worked for the slides with embedded video, but not for the slides with simple voiceover - the NEXT button is available from the beginning even though the audio is not done playing.  Any idea as to why?

Terra Buckley

I also noticed that now the video screens advance on their own without clicking on the NEXT button, but the other slides can advance by clicking NEXT at any point, even if the audio is not done.  I checked and the triggers are the same for them all.  Do the triggers have to vary by the type of media (video vs. audio)?