Set the starting point of an exit animation to the beginning of the timeline?

Hi guys

Having a wee problem with animations within Articulate Storyline 2. I have two slides that I want to lead on from one another, in a way that makes it look seamless, like the user is still on one screen. To do this I have some stuff animate in on the first slide and I then have copied and pasted them to their exact ending positions on the second slide. 

The idea was to then start the second slide with the items copied and pasted from the first animate out one by one before animating the rest of the content in. The problem is that for some reason even though there is no entrance animation, all of the materials wait a good while before animating out. 

How do I make it so the exit animations start the second the timeline starts so that when the user clicks to go to the next slide it'll look like the components all animate out seamlessly?

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