Set the status as completion in the LMS


We have 2 ways to set the completion for any SCORM file. 2 ways to do them are - 

1. Tracking the number of screens and 

2. Via a quiz

I am just now looking for a way to set the status as 'completed' once the user visits a particular screen which a button and a trigger. Once an user clicks that button it should change the completion status as "Completed".

I have tried that with a JavaScript and it works outside the SL file. But the same code doesn't execute properly (i.e  doesn't trigger it when used in side a button with the Javascript for SL file).

I am using LMS - Moodle.

Any help on this would be of great help.


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Virginia Butler


Thank you for the warm welcome. I am trying to understand if the ipad learner using Articulate Mobile Player can send a completion record back to Articulate Online by virtue of accessing the last slide in a course. I was looking around and found this post but it seems like what we actually need is for the completion record to go back to Articulate Online (so we can export the record and import it to our system of record) rather than a quiz or embedded button. Can you confirm that the Articulate Mobile Player works the same way if you are on your PC or non ipad tablet?


Peter Anderson

Hi Virginia

Yep, Articulate Online fully supports tracking users who view your course with the Articulate Mobile Player on an iPad. When you publish, choose Articulate Online as your publish option, and mark the checkbox to "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad." Find out more about publishing to Articulate Online here.

It's always a good idea to test your course in its intended environment before deploying to your audience though, just to ensure it's functioning properly. 

Is that the info you're looking for?