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kristen kline

YEs, Yes I am :)  That would be AMAZING if we could figure it out!!!  I have read through lots of these threads and it seems unlikely.  


For examples:

1.  Start on slide 1.6 and click the arrow that says go back to stage 1.  I want to click that arrow and be taken back to layer called Stage 1 on slide 1.2.

2.  Start on slide 1.3 Layer called next steps and click that arrow again to be taken back to slide 1.2 layer stage 2.

3.  Lastly I want to start on slide 1.4 and take that arrow back to slide 1.2 layer called stage 2

kristen kline

Hey Wendy!!!  This is exactly what I am looking for!!!  The only issue is I tried to do it myself several times before downloading yours and using yours.  Is there a place to understand the process of what you did more?  The video shows something a little different than what is on your version.  I just want to learn how to do it for future and I couldn't seem even using the video to make it work.  

Two questions:

What are the icons on the pages now? I tried using initial state equals hidden and they are still showing up?

Why is my variable on slide 1.3 layer Lauren all the sudden not working.  It should exit out using a circle animation after 11 seconds and it seemed to disappear?


kristen kline

I got super confused because I downloaded her Storyline Draft posted here but watched your video.  Not sure how that happened.  MY fault.  It was confusing because what you were showing me and the triggers she had didn't match up.  I guess my only question now is how am I able to hide the icons she posted on her "test" above.  One Stage one there is a circle called stage 1 and another circle on stage 2 that says stage 2.  I set them as original state of hidden and they STILL show up.  Everything else is PERFECT- I just need to understand the triggers she used verses yours and the difference, but that will take some time.  I want to REALLY understand it because eventually I want to be able to hop from a layer on a slide to a layer on a different slide (AND/WHILE opening up to one of the blue squares).  That is my end goal :)

FINALLY, thank you SO much for all of your help to both of you!  REALLY helpful.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kristen

I just put references on the slides for the layers I was trying to get to so I knew whether my testing had worked or not - you can just delete the objects altogether.  I knew you would know which layers should be showing as you know the content but I was just doing a quick test to check.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.