Set triggers to change state of an object once all markers are clicked

Hello everyone, I have two objects on my timeline (Next Cover 1 and Next Cover 2) which I want to remain hidden until all 3 markers are visited. Initial triggers are set to keep the covers hidden when the timeline starts and then I have another trigger to change the state once all markers are visited but it still isn't working. What am I doing wrong? I have attached the slide. Thanks in advance.

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David Tait

I've reattached your file, does this behave as you want it to? Like Susi suggested I have recoloured the covers so you can see them become active.

I removed the trigger to hide the covers and instead set their initial visibility to hidden and used your existing triggers to show the shapes once the markers are visited.

Jennifer Holycross

Hi David, thanks for your reply! I was looking for the text to become visible once all 3 markers were selected and for the life of me could not figure out what was holding the triggers back. As it turns out, my text covers had a fad animation attached which had inhibited the triggers from working. I have to say, I really love the support I get from my hero's. You guys are the best!