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Jan 11, 2014


I'm building a test in one of my courses and can't work out how to set it so that the default template selected from my slide master for a quizzing slide is the one that I want and not what Storyline regards as the default one. At the moment, each time I insert a new slide and select from the quizzing section, it defaults to one particular slide template from my slide master. This then means I have to go back and change the layout for each question which I'd rather not have to do. I'm guessing there must be a much easier way to do this but I don't seem able to find it, can anyone help?

(I don't need multiple templates for my quiz, in this instance I only need one.)

Many Thanks


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Anne,

That's a good question. Have you created an entire new "Master Set" or simply a new Custom Question slide. Either way, it seems to me that SL always chooses the "original" as the default. Maybe someone will jump in an explain how to change this. But what I've found is:

If you've created an entire new set, SL by default chooses the Question Layout from the "Clean Slide Master."

If you've simply created a new custom question layout, it chooses the original question layout as the default

So if you have a design that you're going to use most of the time, it seems that's the one that should contain your design.

Otherwise, so that you don't have to change each question slide individually, you can change multiple Slides/Layouts at the same time from Story View. After switching to Story view:

To select non-contiguous slides, click the first one and then hold the CTRL key down while clicking the other slides

To select contiguous slides, click the first one and then hold the SHIFT key down while clicking the last slide in the group

Right-click, Choose Layout from the shortcut menu, and select the desired layout

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne, 

It looks like Becky offered you a good explanation of how Storyline behaves, and if all your question slides will have the same layout, you could also make those updates to the Question layout that appears within the Clean Slide master set itself. 

There is also further information in this tutorial on working with slide masters.

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