Setting a limit in pick many


I am created a test for doctors, which requires them to choose up to three (3) answers from a list. So below I have added a pick many quiz slide, and they have to pick from the list. Is there a way that I can make it so they can only select up to three of the answers?

It would also have to take into account if they have selected one, and then also deselected one and chosen a different one.

Would appreciate the help! 



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

or...have a prompt appear after they've clicked 3 saying thank you..please continue...?

In this example I used a clickcount variable

There's a hidden transparent rectangle that covers the 6 choices

The rectangle is unhidden when 3 clicks have occurred, and it covers the choices so Learners cannot click any more.

Oh, and it's just the first piece of clip art I came across as I was toodling around thinking about the solution

Mike Taylor

I like Rebecca's idea and here is another possibility if you'd like them to be able to change there selections before submitting the answers. This one also use's a variable to count how many have been selected and then displays a layer with "warning" message if they select too many. 

Loftur Loftsson


I've just struggled with this same problem and hence why I came about this post. I couldn't however find a solution that suited me. 

I wanted to have the ability to only chose two options - but not be stuck with those choices once they were selected. 

I've attached my solution, which I think works well for me, and hopefully it will help someone that was in my situation.