Setting a variable based on a hyperlink

I would like for a button to appear on a particular slide if a hyperlink is clicked on another slide.  I have the variable set up, but when I set a condition to adjust the variable, there is no option for the user clicking the hyperlink...however, there is an option for the user clicking the text box in which the hyperlink resides.  Is this the same concept?  Because I can't seem to get that action to perform correctly.

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I dont have storyline open right now but what if you had the hyperlink open by trigger of an object such as a transparent box over the link.  Then you could also have a variable change when the object was clicked.

Not sure if I made any sense there but in my head it works.


Matthew Graham

It should work using the whole text box, but then it makes the whole box clickable.  I don't think there is a way to link hyperlinks to triggers, but what about replacing the hyperlink with an additional text box on top of the original?  Then you could link the hyperlink text box to change the variable and jump to the link. 

It would look like this: