Setting conditions for four possible submit button outcomes:

Hello! Storyline's conditions are great, but lack a few degrees of precision possible with coded conditionals.

As such, it can be hard to tell if you have missed one element in what would otherwise work, or if the whole setup is off. I need some fresh suggestions for approaches on this setup:

When a user clicks the Submit button, only ONE new slide layer must be shown, based on the state of six drag and drop ITEMS:

if any ITEMS are not on A or B: layer 1 (Warning)

if any of B's ITEMS are on A: layer 2

if all ITEMS are on B: layer 3

if all ITEMS are drop correct: layer 4 (Correct)

(Users will keep going until they reach the correct layer, in that all other layers will hide after displaying, while the Correct layer will jump to the next slide after displaying.)

Any suggestions on the cleanest way to approach this? All of my attempts have made me think the "when user clicks submit" trigger has a hard time looking at the states of the drop ITEMS.


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