Setting default layer triggers

Afternoon all,

So my colleague and I are creating a bunch of self diagnostic modules and are getting a little frustrated with the automatic triggers that are added to the feedback layers, not to mention the ones that randomly pop up after already deleting them!

Is there a was to set up default triggers (we've already tried adding them to the master slides which hasn't worked) or are we going to be forever forced into editing every single slide and every single layer to get the desired outcome we are after?

Many thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Beansprout,

Sorry for the frustration, but you're right - that's the way layers are created. This is by design. 

However, though it may not be the most elegant solution, I may have a suggestion that will help. Create a slide in your project to use as sort of an "in project-project template". Apply all of your design to this slide and the layers that you'd like to carry through to other slides in your project. 

Once you've finished and you've got the slide exactly the way you want it, duplicate it and move it to wherever you need it in your project. Add any new content and continue. You can continue using that main slide for other areas in your course.

When you're finished, you can either remove the slide entirely, or you can simply hide it. You can hide it from the menu and keep in it a scene that is never accessed by learners. This way, you'll have access to it in the future, if you should need to add additional slides. 

You could do this with an entire scene, as well, if you have projects where you know you'll need multiple slides with the same settings, triggers, etc. 

I'm sure others will have some suggestions. Just wanted to chime in, just in case this helps :)

Good luck!