Setting default text box features of shapes/buttons

Jul 19, 2012

Is there any way in Storyline to set defaults for the text box features of captions and buttons?

I can use "set as default shape" or "set as default button" to set things such as the fill, line color, etc.  I'd like to be able to make "do not autofit" the default for the text box aspect of a caption/button, but that doesn't seem to stick when I set as default shape/button.



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Dorothy Stark

I was using all sorts of different styles of caption (one with bubbles, one with the speaker corner, one like a rectangle just with rounded edges), and I wanted the "do not autofit" set for all those and for all buttons. I guess I could make a design slide with all sorts of different captions and copy-and-paste from there to save time. I was just wondering whether there was someplace I was missing in Storyline to set that as a global default, but it looks as if there isn't. No biggie--just asking since I'm new to all this stuff. I appreciate your help.


Diana Myers

I completely agree; setting the default to "Do not Autofit" would be a huge help!!  I've gone ahead and submitted a feature request as well - hopefully we'll see that feature soon!

Steven Courchesne said:

Hi, I'd like to echo Dorothy and Joseph's frustration about this feature. I appreciate the idea to create a design slide, though this a less than perfect solution.

gary vey

Sorry, I need to vent ...

I too, am very disappointed in not having this feature work the way it should. I assume that if I style a text box and see an option that says "save as standard form" (in German: Als Standardform festlegen), then I expect the software to do just that. Very irritating and time consuming. Seriously - copying a shape that has been already styled is not a solution when doing a software tutorial and importing with "show text labels" turned on. Gotta delete every single text balloon and replace it.

This topic has been discussed soooo often here Articulate WHEN O WHEN will this be implemented? Come on ...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary, 

Just to confirm, are you running into this with just shapes or text boxes? The shapes can use the "set as default" (I don't know how it reads in German) to change a shape and be able to continue to add multiple copies of that particular shape. The text boxes will be set up as using the "resize shape to fit" vs. do not autofit as a default, so that is something you'd still have to manually change. Looking at Beverly's other thread, it was something she couldn't reproduce consistently either with her format painter and shapes. So in that scenario, I can't say entirely I'm clear what Beverly was experiencing.

If you've got a particular sample or screencast of the behavior, happy to review that and weigh in with other ideas or confirmation of a known issue. 

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