Setting Defaults

I can't seem to find where to go to set the defaults over the entire program, so that when I import or create a new course everything is already in place. With every course I have to go into the player or Story View and remove the menu and add the seekbar. I have to set slide advances to "By user." Every. Single. Time. This cannot be right - there has to be a way to indicate how I want the settings to be on ALL new courses, but I can't find it. Could someone please help?

Also, I can't find a "Properties" or "Options" tab that lets me reassign the publishing path, so I have to do that manually as well. I only see that path when I click Publish, and it appears to always be course-specific. I need the setting that sets the default for new courses. Where do I go to fix this?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Maureen,

If you're starting a brand new project from scratch, you'll need to change those settings each time. If you have a particular player set up that you'd like to use across multiple Storyline files, you'll need to save that as a player template and apply it when starting a new project.  This will allow you to use the items such as the colors, player settings, etc. As for how each slide advances, you'll need to set that for each new project and you can do it on a slide by slide basis or when in Story view, select all the slides and change it within the slide properties for all of them.

The publishing path will appear within the publishing window, and will default to the My Articulate Projects folder. Each course will create it's own published output folder once you've gone through the publishing steps. 

Maureen Gilliland

Ashley, the "My Articulate Projects" folder is on our shared drive, and the courses always publish there unless I change the path. I am not supposed to use a shared drive for these projects - they need to live on, and be published on my hard drive - so I have to manually change the publishing path every time.

I want the software to go to my D:\ drive instead, and I would like to move the folder to D:\My Articulate Projects once and for all. However, there doesn't appear to be any way of doing that.

Do I need to de-install the software and reinstall it with new settings? Are there any other options?