Setting focus to text entry box in Storyline

Hi.  I think I know the answer to this, but I need to ask to make sure.  I'm updating a simulation of a mainframe data system, originally recorded in Captivate six years ago.  To correctly mimic the system, I need the focus of the screen to be on the text entry box from when the timeline for the slide starts, so that the student can input the data without clicking on the text entry box.  In searching the forums, I found a similar query regarding Quizmaker, and this functionality was not supported in that program.  I'm guessing that Storyline won't support it either.

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Dave Cox

HI Santosh,

You used to be able to solve this by moving everything to layers, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. So I've created a work around that you can use.

  1. Insert your picture and move it to the bottom layer
  2. Press Ctrl-C to copy the picture, and then Ctrl-Shift D to paste the picture 3 times, so you have 4 copies. Using Ctrl-Shift D copies the pictures in the exact same location.
  3. Move the 3 copies to the bottom layers with the first picture.
  4. Use the crop tool to crop the pictures to the four sides of the input text box, one for each side.
  5. Select the input text box, and move it to the bottom layer.
  6. Your project should now run with the image showing, and the cursor blinking in the input box.

I've created an sample of how I did this for you.

Diarmaid Collins

Hi Dave. I like the way you engineered the workaround but, and I don't mean to upset you, one could always use the desired image as a background image, from within the Format Background option. This will place the image beneath the text entry box but the text entry box will still have focus because it is the bottom of the timeline.

Simple. :)

David Schwartz

Just wanted to add to this thread, as I was having difficulty with automatically setting focus to text entry and numeric entry fields.  Currently using SL360 v.3.57.26407.0.

By default these fields were at the bottom of the timeline, but were not taking focus, despite the focus order. What solved this was to move them up in the timeline, and then back down to the bottom of the timeline. 

David Schwartz

Hi Santosh,

The file is here. I had to strip all of the content, as it was proprietary, and you will see some variables that make no sense in context, but the focus is set for both text entry and numeric entry questions. 

And all I did was to drag the fields up in the timeline, and then back down to the bottom.