Setting font style for Review Slides

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried creating master slides for Review slides (and how/where to set them up).

More specifically, is it possible to change the standard font that Review slides used when they are generated via Insert -> New Slide -> Result Slide.

For example, if the Review slide layouts were kept the same, except that the text lines were all Arial instead of using the standard Articulate font.

Is this possible?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jay!

The Layout for your Result slide will be found via Slide Master > Blank and you can edit that as needed.

Slide masters in Articulate Storyline are very similar to slide masters in Microsoft PowerPoint. Use them to control the default themes, colors, fonts, text, and objects for slides throughout your course. They're big time savers, letting you apply the same look and feel across multiple slides all at once. See this tutorial to learn more.
Jay Yearley

Leslie,  I very much appreciate your responses.   When you say the Blank Layout again for a cumulative, does that mean that it can be only one or the other?  It would need to be changed for each different result slide (individual result, and cumulative). Is that correct?

Also, it seems that no matter what, the variables for each 'ScorePercent', 'PassPercent', etc. are always generated in Articulate font. So in order to ensure that all fonts stay the same across the slides, am thinking it would probably be the best to set up the same fonts with Theme Fonts: