Setting my Story size

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to get some advise regarding story size.

I am currently creating an e-learning course, teaching employees how to use a certain computer software.

Naturally, I am going to use many screen shots and I want them to be clear and crisp.

Our employees have different screen sizes (17", 19", 24" and many different laptop sizes as well) and different resolutions.

The course is meant to be viewed on PCs and laptops (not iPads or mobile devices).

What story size would you use?



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Tali Bromberg

I think I got it:

I'll just record my screen shots and software simulation on the highest possible resolution, and then choose in Player Properties "Display at user's current browser size" & "Scale player to fill browser window".

That way no matter what screen size and resolution the learners might use, the course will display properly.