Setting quiz answers with variables

Feb 20, 2018

I have a couple slides that are multilayered scenarios. I want to be able to track and report via SCORM if the learner ends up in the right place. Is there a way to set a quiz question the learner never sees to true or false using variables and then have those question results submitted to a results page? I'm using SL2

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Mike Mohr

Thanks for the link. The only part of this I'm not sure I like is having the please wait... loading coming up. I want to make sure this is done totally ion the background.

I think I came up with a solution. If anyone doesn't think this will work let me know. I know it works to a pint but I still have to test it being passed to the LMS. This may no fit everything but seems to be a good fit for my course.

I convert the slide into a freeform pick one.
Off screen I add a shape which is the correct answer for the pick one.
If the learner answers the question correctly, the shape becomes selected.
I get rid of the correct and incorrect layers that are added. I use a custom submit button and get rid of any submit triggers that are created with the free form conversion.
I make a scene that nothing links to and have a results slide looking at all the slides I've done this to.

Seems to work, I just need to make sure the results get passed to the LMS.

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