setting slide triggers

I am having some difficulties setting a slide trigger. In this project, when a learner goes to a slide exercise, the table of contents show a check mark.  I am having difficulties with some of my slides in that when the learner visits some of the slides the check mark doesnt appear. Basically, my formula is "visited lesson1review equal to true". For some slides, I cannot find the right "lesson1review" that corresponds with the slide. I can send screenshots if it would help make my question make sense.



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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached file and see if that's what you wanted. There were a bunch of triggers 'messed up'. Some triggers on various conternt sldies set the wrong variables and there were missing triggers on the TOC to set the complete status. Hope that helps.

Erin Stapleton

Dear Michael,


I had to swap out some of the quiz slides and it again messed up the menu for the quizzes. I have the current file attached to this thread. I don't expect you to do my work for me, but can you quickly look and tell me what I am missing or doing wrong? Thanks so much!